Prayer banner largeThe Prayer of Stillness

As practiced by the Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer

A Very Brief Guide (available as a pdf here)

  • Find a quiet place. Most people sit upright on a chair with their feet on the floor.  
  • Relax by breathing slowly in and out a few times.  Many people like to close their eyes.
  • Say the bidding prayer: “Come to me all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11. 28).
  • Say the words quietly a few times, aloud or in your head. Imagine Jesus is saying them to you.
  • Select a Bible verse spoken directly by God/Jesus. The same verse can be used for a week, or even a month. The ‘I am’ sayings are a good source. The current saying of the Fellowship is Matthew 4. 4: “One lives… by every word that proceeds from the month of God”. The website (see below) lists other suitable sayings.
  • Empty your mind by saying the verse over and over. Don’t think about the saying as such, just allow it to fill you. If your mind wonders, repeat the saying.
  • After a while, if you want to, you can put your wishes or concerns very simply before God and repeat the verse again.
  • When you are ready to stop, simply say: “Thank you, Lord, for the gift of your word”.

For more information or resources:

 Rev. Wendy Sellers (May 2020)