House of Prayer 

"When the church becomes a house of prayer, the people will come" 
Brother Roger of Taizé 

A House of Prayer0015During a series of evenings in May 2017, led by Rev. Alan Stewart, we were challenged and inspired to give prayer a more central place in our lives. Each night we heard from various people at different stages in their life, sharing how they pray: a city commuter; a young mum; someone who lives alone; someone who has faced terminal illness; someone who, through prayer, discovered a deeper compassion for the marginalised. 

Here are the three sessions led by Alan - please click on the link to open the document:

House of Prayer 1
What is prayer? What am I doing when I pray? How does prayer change us?

House of Prayer 2
Does God answer prayer? If he does, then how? Praying through the five senses

House of Prayer 3
How do you feel about silence? Devoting time to meditation and contemplation