Seeing it Through

The amazing and moving story of the home front in East Herts during the First World War

SITLogomono-onwhitebackgoundfoA new play by Kate Miller, Emma Blowers and Erin Thompson

Performed at St Andrew’s Church
Friday 21 October 2016

After First Light: A Passion Play for Hertford and Voices From a Time of War, Pins & Feathers Productions brought another entertaining and thought provoking play to St Andrew’s.

What should you do in a Zeppelin raid? Why were there so many Germans in Little Munden? What was the Great Stink of Ware? Why did women battle to be in the land army? How could conkers conquer the Kaiser?

Seeing it Through1Seeing It Through told the stories of the home front in 1914-18, from the words of the extraordinary women, men and children who saw it through. It portrayed a time of unprecedented upheaval, loss, change - and opportunity - in Hertford and the surrounding towns and villages; a time which shaped our world today.

In the play, Hertford actors Catherine Forrester and Ken Boyter (who both starred in First Light) were joined by Darren Machin (who has appeared in Downton Abbey, The Missing and Silent Witness) and Toni Brooks, who played the role of Jane Wenham in Pins & Feathers’ production of The Last Witch at Hertford Theatre. They played a wide range of characters as we followed their lives through the war. With live music, Seeing It Through was an entertaining and fast-paced show.

The play was directed and narrated by Richard Syms, who as an actor has appeared in many films, notably The Iron Lady, Far From the Madding Crowd and the recent Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Some photos from the night...

Gallery photos: Emma Blowers



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