Experience Pentecost

16 May 2016

The 'Experience' journeys are designed to be offered to schools as a gift from their local church and provide a unique opportunity for spiritual reflection by children on the sacred stories at the heart of the Christian faith. In May, we invited St Andrew's School to experience Pentecost at St Andrew's Church.

Pentecost is celebrated 50 days after Easter. Central to this festival is the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The 'Experience' journeys have proved extremely popular in a wide ranges of contexts, from tiny rural churches to major cathedrals in large cities (at St Andrew's we have also invited our parish school to Experience Harvest and Experience Easter).

With the help of a wonderful team of volunteers, six stations were set up around the church to provide an interative multi-sensory way to engage children imaginatively with the events surrounding Pentecost.

Waiting: for the Holy Spirit to come


Receiving: when the Holy Spirit came



Telling: after the Holy Spirit came,
the believers began to tell others


Doing: after the Holy Spirit came,
they were bold enough to take action


Sharing: after the Holy Spirit came,
they began to work together



Growing: after the Holy Spirit came,
the Church began to grow


The Experience Pentecost team at St Andrew's