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July and August   2019


Wendy reminds us that it is It is a time to pause to be thankful, and to count our blessings.
 Church Family  forthcoming services and events
Welcomers Wanted    a new team being developed to help newcomers feel welcome and  comfortable - and home groups
St Andrew's new Reader Geoff Oates introduces himself
One year later ... The bell ringers ring a successful quarter peal in honour of Ivy's 101st birthday. 
Alan offers words of thanks and encouragement Alan asks us to review our giving to the church 

Events continued 
Forthcoming events at St Andrews, St Mary's and the Quaker Meeting House
Come into the garden  Details of this year's Holiday at Home event
Update on Herts Welcomes Syrian Families   Katie gives details of the film being produced. 
Plastic Free July Rosemary Willis invites us to join her in adopting a Plastic free July.
Steve Knightly review  Forbes reviews the concert held at St Andrew's 
Introducing the New Headteacher  Ross Jones tells us about himself
Bishop welcomes Government’s commitment to “net zero” emissions by 2050 The Church of England’s lead bishop on the environment has welcomed the news that the government has set a stricter target on climate change.
Visit of Julie Noble Julie has been a missionary in Bolivia working with prisoners and their children


June  2019

This Too Shall Pass

Alan encourages us to  realise that the good and  bad times will pass, but God will always sustain us. 

Services  Forthcoming services at St Andrew's 
Home Groups  details of the various groups
Events   Forthcoming events at St Andrew's and St Mary's 
Belsey Bridge  Details of the Parish  weekend away.  
Church Matters including Baptisms and Funerals 
Deanery Synod Jane gives details of the issues discussed at the meeting 


May 2019


Magic Pots  

Magic pots continued and forthcoming  Services

Alan encourages us to  "tidy"  our lives and realise what we need to nurture and what we need to leave go of.  
Searching for faith  A new course starts in May
Church matters  Baptisms and Funerals and Wendy's ordination
Forthcoming Events  including talks and seminars
Home Groups  Details of the various groups 
Think about .... Pentecost Children's page
Marathon Musings and Palm Sunday Ponderings  Tracy writes about watching the Brighton marathon and compares it to the original Palm Sunday  when the crowds waited to see Jesus coming. 
Talking money  Debbie gives an update on St Andrew's finances. 
Outreach Third Hope Africa Requiem  and a follow up to the Beer Festival 
Facing a challenge Jenny Mutch  writes about facing challenging times
Could this be Sodom and Gomorrah? Andrew Rixon gives evidence that suggests that a cosmic  air-burst could have destroyed the cities. 
Christian Aid Week 2019 Details of a project supported by Christian Aid