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Hertford Pageant 1914

Sunday 19 October 2014

HertfordPageantCbw191014St Andrew's Church hosted a special concert given by the Mimram Singers, consisting of music written specially for a Grand Historic Pageant, which took place in Hertford during the summer of 1914. The centenary of this event was marked earlier in the year by the publication of a book called Hertford's Great Pageant 1914. It was written in association with Hertford Museum by a local historian.

The afternoon event on 19 October saw the Mimram Singers, conducted by Peter Murphy, give us wonderful renditions of the songs that were performed 100 years ago. Philip Sheail told us the story of how the Pageant came about and explain how the different choral pieces fitted into the performance as a whole. We were given a printout of the songs' lyrics to follow during the performance, which proved very useful and educational.

We really got a feel for what the people of Hertford would have experienced 100 years ago in that summer of 1914, HertfordPageantBbw191014when the horrors of the World War that was about to develop could not possibly have been imagined.

The Grand Historic
Pageant 1914

The Pageant was held to celebrate the founding of the town in the year 914 by the Saxon King Edward the Elder. A number of historic towns in the England were founded in the early 10th Century and, as a consequence, the Edwardian period was marked by a spate of millenary celebrations. In many cases the celebration took the form of a pageant. These pageants varied in scale, but they all consisted of a series of episodes dramatising key moments in the town's history. Very little was required in the way of acting. The whole emphasis of the pageant was on spectacle and that meant that a great many citizens of all classes were able to take part.

In Hertford's case, some 600 of the townsfolk took part in the performance, while many others were engaged in making the costumes and props. It was held in the grounds of Hertford Castle every afternoon during the week beginning 29 June 1914 - just a few weeks before the outbreak of the First World War. The Pageant included the famous Synod of 673AD; the foundation of the town by King Edward the Elder; the siege of Hertford Castle during the reign of King John; the dissolution of Hertford Priory during the reign of Henry VIII; and a regal visit made to the Castle by Queen Elizabeth I in 1561.

Much of the music used in the Pageant was composed especially for the occasion by James Gregory, organist and choirmaster at All Saints' Church, with lyrics by Charles Henry Ashdown.

The last song that the Mimram Singers performed at the Pageant in St Andrew's was entitled Apotheosis of Hertfordshire and Hertford Town:

We'll sing a song of the bright renown
Of Hertfordshire and of Hertford Town
Of dales and of dusky dells,
Of rivers and sparkling rills, -
Of all that can make a County fair,
In historic rich, in landscape rare,
Of meads and of lofty hills.

For many a name in England's page
Is written in red; our thoughts engage
Of Lytton and Homely Lamb,
Of Bacon and Chauncy too,
Of Brakspear and Penn, and "Night Thoughts" Young,
And others who made our English tongue
Delightfully rich to woo.

Of Welwyn, Ashridge, the Northern Heights,
The Chenies, rich in rural delights,
Romantic vale of the Ver,
The Gade and the lovely Lea;
Fair Knebworth Towers, Hatfield bowers, -
For rich and rare the wealth that dowers
The soil of our County free.

Then sing aloud of the bright renown
Of Hertfordshire and of Hertford Town,
Of men so wise and witty,
Women so winsomely fair;
Of beauties of vale and hill and mead,
The County and town we sing, indeed,
Full well with others compare.

For more information about, and photographs of, the 1914 Pageant, please click on this link

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