09308 perspective rev6The St Andrew's Centre: building
work in progress

Here you will be able to chart the transformation of the church hall into The St Andrew's Centre. The project began back in April 2013...

Below: 12 October 2013 -  The Master of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, Charles Ledsam,  officially opened the Centre (you can see more about the event here)...


Left: the newly-installed kitchen. Above: a chance for everyone at the official opening ceremony to see inside and experience the new space. Below: The foyer area.


Below: 27 September 2013 - the new kitchen units are being installed and you can see progress in the photos directly below. In the third and fourth pictures below, the doors to the main hall are now in place in the foyer area; either side of the south door in the main hall, it's clear that the heating system is ready to be fired up as radiators are now in situ on the wall.


Below: 4 September 2013 - the interior of the Centre is coming along nicely, with the foyer area (below) being shaped and the front doors installed. The third and fourth pictures below show the length of the main hall, looking up towards the foyer, and the kitchen space.


Below: 13 August 2013 - the bottom of the stairs up to the John Summers-Gill Room can be seen below (the new partition wall at the end of the enlarged vestry room is visable to the left of the picture); the middle photos below look up and down the length of the space inside the hall area - the scaffolding has been removed as more work is carried out internally. The fourth photo below shows how the space at the far end, outside the vestry door, is now being split into separate rooms off what will be the new foyer area.



Below: 19 July
- work on the roof is in full swing now and the area that was once an open space to the left of the old entrance is fully enclosed (in case you've forgotten how it used to look, compare the two pictures directly below!).

Below: 19 July continued - looking up and down the full extent of the new floor area inside, there is much more space. The new windows have been installed along the main outside wall. The newly-enclosed space outside the vestry door is clear to see as work progresses.


Below: 5 July - a doorway is in the process of being built in the south transept of the church. This will lead through to the new foyer area of the St Andrew's Centre.

Below: 2 July - the old entrance area to the hall has been demolished and, for now, we can see straight through to the vestry door.

Below: 21 June
- the extended space is appearing now that the floor area has been laid outside at the entrance, plus the builders are now up top working on the roof. Bottom left, the new kitchen has a brand new skylight (!), and the vesties (bottom right) now have their floorboards back, at a lower level than before.



Below: 3 June
- the new layout is really taking shape now: the back corridor has gone and the rooms off the main hall space are coming into being. The picture on the left shows the hall from the far end looking back up to the foyer and you can clearly see the entrances to the new art room (nearest on the right) and the disabled toilet.
The picture on the right shows more clearly (L-R) the doorways to the new store room, the toilet and the art room.

Below: 3 June continued - the left-hand photo shows the beginnings of the new kitchen, seen from the entrance to the hall with the vestry entrance on the left. In the right-hand photo there is a clear mark around the bottom of the walls to show that the floor in the vestries has now been lowered.

Below: 22 May - new spaces are being created and old spaces have gone. The picture on the left shows that the hatch from the hall to the kitchen has been filled in at the far end of the hall and a new doorway has been opened up - this will be the entrance to the new art room. In the picture on the right, looking at where the back corridor and toilets used to be, there is now a wall behind which the new disabled toilet and lobby will be situated. Don't worry - the toilet you can see in full view is only temporary!

Below: 22 May continued - the picture on the left is taken looking from the end of the hall through the foyer area, and you can see a new doorway is being created, through to the choir vestry. This will allow for movement between the vestry and the new kitchen. The picture on the right shows the view through this new doorway - now that the clergy toilet has been removed there is a clear line of sight all the way to the far end of the clergy vestry. The picture below left shows the flooring being removed in the vestries.


Below: 14 May - now the inside of the hall has changed quite dramatically as the redesigned space starts to take shape. The dividing wall between the two vestry rooms has been knocked down.


Below: 7 May - the builders have already made good progress in the hall: where once there was a corridor and the ladies' and gents' toilets, there now lies a pile of rubble. The old kitchen can be seen, stipped out, at the far end of the photograph. You can compare 'before and after' if you look at the picture taken on 26 April (see below).

Below: 3 May -
the contractors are on site and work has begun. The old heating system outside has been dismantled; the old heating vent in the Children's Corner inside St Andrew's is, in the photo below, about to be removed (there will be a door installed on this wall, going through to the Centre's new foyer); the ceiling boards in the main part of the hall have been taken away, and the folding doors are gone.

Below: 26 April - just prior to the final clearance of the hall and vestries